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The Four Keys To Becoming A Good Leader

I wrote an article elsewhere about the 4 keys to becoming the best leader you can be. You could say it’s a high-level summary of my leadership book, The Three Levels of Leadership. It’s too long to fit in this blog, but the 4 keys are:

(1)  Have a clear practical definition of leadership (many of us have a fuzzy, unhelpful view of it).
(2)  Know the purpose of a leader (because “leader” and “leadership” aren’t the same thing). Continue reading →

Leadership: Creating an Organisation That’s Great to Work In

Tony Schwartz of the Energy Project believes firms that get the best out of their people share many or all of these twelve characteristics:

  1. Meaning and significance: They stand for something beyond just higher profits.  They create products and services that make a positive difference to the world.  This way, their people feel their work has meaning and significance – making them feel good about themselves and the firm they work for.
  2. Fairness: They pay their people a fair basic salary. Continue reading →

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