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Influence versus Manipulation

This is a short case study on how an unhelpful, fuzzy mental model can block leaders from asserting themselves wisely and skilfully.  In this instance, it concerned what the client felt about “influence” and “manipulation”. Continue reading →

Connecting Without Over-Analysing Others

After The Three Levels of Leadership came out in 2011, readers followed up with questions on leadership, leadership psychology and self-mastery – all of them interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I’m releasing my answers here as they supplement the “Three Levels” material and others may find them useful.  Here’s the eleventh in the series.   I’ll post the others over the coming months…

Q11. How do I connect with others without over-psychoanalysing myself and them?

“The short answer is: let your true Self flow.

But that’s easier said than done, for how many people are letting their true Selves flow?  Very few, I suggest. Continue reading →

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