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The Four Dimensions of Leadership: New Video Series

When I consider all my ideas, models, tools and processes, I can classify them into three learning blocks. I call them Mental Model Mastery, Self-Mastery and Know-How Mastery.

This post focuses on the first learning block – Mental Model Mastery – and a new 10-part video series I’ve just released on my YouTube channel, The Leadership Mastery Suite. Continue reading →

Shared Accountability

Last year, I was coaching the President of a large European business.  The subject of “accountability” arose.  She remarked that, “Shared accountability is no accountability.”

In my CEO days, I would have agreed with her.  Like most corporate men, I assumed that one person in the team must hold accountability for results on behalf of the business.  Eleven years on, I hold a different view. Continue reading →

What Is The Best Way to Motivate Your Team?

On a leadership forum elsewhere on the Internet someone asked, “What is the best way to motivate your team?”  I responded by drawing on the four-dimensional definition of leadership in chapter one of The Three Levels of Leadership and I thought some readers of this blog might be interested in my answer.

“Interesting question.  This is where I’d go back to the basics of leadership.

As you know, I define “leadership” in my book as a process of paying attention simultaneously to four dimensions: (1) Motivating purpose (2) Task progress and results (3) Group unity (4) Individuals’ needs.  So I’d say that paying attention to all four dimensions should motivate your team. Continue reading →

Leadership, Culture Change and the NHS

This is my longest article since I started the blog two years ago.  That’s because it’s dealing with a tough, complex subject – how to change the culture and performance of the NHS following the recent spate of scandals and the hundreds of unnecessary deaths in mid-Staffordshire.


If you’re not British or living in the UK you might not know what the NHS is or why it’s hitting the headlines right now.  So let me explain.  The National Health Service (NHS) – launched in the UK in 1948 and funded by taxation – offers free medical treatment at the point of delivery.  So for example if you go to a NHS hospital for surgery, you won’t have to pay.  But the NHS is caught in a scandal that’s hitting the headlines and isn’t going away. Continue reading →

Leadership: Creating an Organisation That’s Great to Work In

Tony Schwartz of the Energy Project believes firms that get the best out of their people share many or all of these twelve characteristics:

  1. Meaning and significance: They stand for something beyond just higher profits.  They create products and services that make a positive difference to the world.  This way, their people feel their work has meaning and significance – making them feel good about themselves and the firm they work for.
  2. Fairness: They pay their people a fair basic salary. Continue reading →

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